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Success Stories

Individual and organizational successes resulting from Carey’s services

Carey has been working with our senior executive team and other senior leaders for over six years. Like nearly all rapidly growing organizations, we have suffered from growing pains that needed to be resolved. Even saddled with these problems, we were still highly successful. Nonetheless, we realized that we needed to strengthen our leadership to not only survive, but to continue to prosper. After considering several options, including another executive coach, we chose to retain Carey. We’ve never regretted our decision. She has a unique combination of business savvy, charm, a deep and well grounded understanding of human nature, and just plain dogged toughness and determination. Using these assets, she has helped us to confront and solve many of the problems that we were experiencing. She has also helped us with our organizational structure and dynamics. I can say without hesitation that we have a more cohesive, cooperative, trusting and effective management team than before we began to work with Carey. We would recommend her without qualification to any firm that is serious about preparing to overcome the challenges of the marketplace and to succeed.

John L., PE – Chief Operating Officer, International Engineering Consulting Firm

As Chairman of the Board of Trustees for eight years at East Carolina University and as an owner of a Law Firm for many years, I have been exposed to many leaders at all levels in the University System, the world of politics, business and beyond. I believe I can recognize talent when I see it. Carey consulted with our Board of Trustees and facilitated the 360 Leadership Evaluation for the Chancellor (President) of East Carolina University. I would strongly endorse her for a similar project or any related leadership evaluation and development project. Her work was very professional, timely, and thorough. Most of all, she is very insightful. The observations she made not only of our Chancellor, but various members of the Board of Trustees was extremely helpful in completing this complicated and important project. She has the ability to put people at ease and at the same time obtain valuable information from them. In fact, the Board of Trustees was so impressed with her efforts on the Chancellors’s 360 Evaluation that we contracted with her to conduct a strategic planning retreat for the Board, Cabinet and the Chancellor. The retreat was very successful and helpful in many ways. Undoubtedly, the Chancellor and the Board would hire her again, given the need and opportunity.

Bob L., Chairman of the Board of Trustees, East Carolina University, NC

Carey does a phenomenal job as a Management Consultant and Executive Coach of helping groups and individuals. She has a unique ability to build trust with all levels of leaders and employees, to size up situations, then recommend and help implement practical solutions.

Barry B., Principal and Director of Human Resources, National Engineering Firm

Carey is a valuable business partner/coach and has been helpful to me and several of my colleagues on how to work better together, overcome business and personality obstacles, and get the best out of each other and other employees.

Greg B., Regional Leader for a National Engineering Consulting Firm

Carey has been an effective career coach for me and several of my company colleagues. We have experienced tangible benefits as individuals and as a management team as a result of working with her.

John H., Senior Vice President and International Practice Leader, International Consulting Firm

It is said “hind sight is 20/20. I knew I was not an effective business leader. I was struggling not only professionally, but also in my relationships with family and friends. I did not know why nor did I know how to fix it. I knew something had to change. A friend, who had worked with Carey in his role as Sr. Vice President in another firm, referred me to her. My only expectation was for Carey to “help me” and help me she did. Her coaching far exceeded any expectations I could have had. Through one-on-one meetings along with assessments, “self-discovery” exercises, and practical “homework assignments” in between, Carey coached me to understand the person that I am and how and why I am this person. She helped me develop and begin to execute my personal “business plan” for life; spiritually, personally and professionally. It’s been 5 years since working with Carey and I am happier than I can ever remember in my life. Thanks to Carey’s professional coaching I am now living my life’s passion. I have also made a life-long friend.

Allen P., CPA, From General Manager for an International Trucking Company to Director of  the National Auto Dealers Association 

Carey’s range is incredible. She’s very good at thinking strategically and helping others keep an ambitious, big, long-range picture in view. She helps individuals and groups ask the right questions. She’s strong on complicated HR issues and has a deep understanding of how change affects individuals and organizations. As we’ve assessed the impact of rapid growth on our organizational culture and structure, she has been invaluable.

Dana L., Past President of the Board of a Multi-Million Dollar Non-Profit Organization

Carey’s been a tremendous asset. As a group of engineers we tend to approach problem-solving from a technical perspective, Carey’s been able to get us to look at problems from a new vantage point. She has helped our team better understand our strengths and weaknesses and how we can work together more effectively.

Brent C., Principal, Engineer

Understanding who you are and who you’re communicating with is crucial to your success. Carey understands people and what motivates them. She has an ability to communicate information so just about any type of person can understand it. She helped us better understand ourselves so we can make sense to a wide range of people and more effectively communicate with each other.

Kelly G., NC Executive Director, U. S. Tennis Association

Carey provides us excellent services, but beyond that direct benefit, she has given our firm a better appreciation for the human element in general. It’s easy to forget just how complex people are as individuals and how much can be gained by understanding more about that reality. I’m excited about the impact Carey’s work has had on our culture as she works with all levels of our leadership across the country.

Mark W., Chairman of the Board, National Engineering Consulting Firm

Carey was very pleasant to work with, and helped me a lot during a difficult career transition. Her work helped me examine what was important in my life and career, and how to approach potential employers about my career change and aspirations. Carey also gave me the courage to look beyond the local area for employment. I would highly recommend Carey to anyone looking for help with a career change.

Willis L., Treasurer, Global Research Company

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